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We specialize in bringing fresh, new stories to the world of film and television. Our studio houses television and film equipment to handle all of your production needs. We're currently looking for talented actors and actresses to join our ranks. Visit our contact page to inquire within and thanks for visiting!

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Shadowcast Media has held countless auditions for actors and actresses in various parts of the United States. What continues to confuse us are the countless numbers of actors and actresses without demo reels. One of the easiest ways to stymie an acting career is to appear at an audition unprepared. Casting agents review hundreds of actors and actresses on a daily basis looking for talent. Who gets ignored? Those without reels. Studios and production houses WILL NOT

Promote Your Talent (cont'd)

rely simply on a pretty face - you have to show the 'goods' and one of the most effective ways of doing so is promoting yourself in a lead role or interesting character within a production. Shadowcast Media provides private consultation and develops projects** focused around your strongest abilities - with a primary goal to create a reel that will mesmerize and captivate decision makers to get you that dream role. Contact us today!
** - Available to select applicants


Queenie: Priestess of the Ghetto

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Candy Johnson (Karisha McBride) learns that a gift for helping people is a bit more than just good communication skills. However, that gift soon becomes a curse as forces unknown seek to destroy everything that she is. Candy must survive long enough to escape her pursuers and in doing so, discover her family's true name - will she survive?

Time Lord

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The Time Lord is a short film revolving around the cruel and shady universe of ray truth, a contract killer by trade. no one around him is trustworthy - and in such a world, isolation seems to be the best cure. However, like his victims, time is running out for Ray. His final job proves to be his most difficult. For within his chosen occupation, a conscience can truly be deadly..


Click here to view the short film.
A young man recently deals with a devastating diagnoses

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